Wake-On-Lan (WOL)

Wake-On-Lan (WOL)

Send a "magic" wake up packet over the network to wake a device from a sleeping state. This works on compatible WOL devices with this feature enabled.

For computers, this usually needs to be specifically turned on in the BIOS settings so that the network card listens for these packets when the device is sleeping.


  • Enter an IP address of the device to wake up
  • Enter a MAC address of the device to wake up
  • Click wake
  • The device should now wake up
  • Optionally save this device so that it can be woken up more quickly in future

Advanced Usage

  • Packets - Specify the number of packets to send at a time. This ensures packets make it through even if the network is lossy. The default number is 5.
  • Port - Specify a different WOL port, default is 9.


You can see this in the screenshots below: