What permissions are needed and why?

PortDroid only requires a few basic permissions in order to operate, these are explained below. There are also a few optional permissions that will provide additional functionality. Note that PortDroid does not and will never store or share any personal information.

Optional Permissions

The following permissions are completely so can be safely denied if you do not want the additional functionality they offer.

  • Make and manager phone calls (READ_PHONE_STATE) - This is used to get additional information about the mobile network state and mobile network provide.
  • Location (ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) - This is used to get the current WiFi network name.

Required Permissions

  • Internet (INTERNET) - Internet access is needed in order to perform any of the network requests that make PortDroid a useful application.
  • WiFi Connection Information (ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE) - This permission is used to gain more information about the network and WiFi network states.