Suspect You've Been Hacked? Here's What to Do

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Oh no! If you suspect that you’ve been hacked, we understand how unsettling it can be. While PortDroid might not be your first line of defense, we can certainly offer you some advice to help navigate the situation:


If you know or suspect someone knows your password(s):

  • Reset Your Passwords: If you suspect that a friend, family member, ex-partner, or anyone else who may know your passwords could be behind the breach, it’s time to change your passwords. This includes your email, social media, banking, and any other online accounts you have. Also, consider using a password manager (such as bitwarden or lastpass ) to help create and store unique, complex passwords for each of your accounts.
  • Set Up Two-Factor Authentication: Adding an extra layer of security, like two-factor authentication, can greatly enhance your account security. It requires not only your password but also a second piece of information that only you would have access to.
  • Check Your Device for Unwanted Applications: In case someone with physical access to your device may have installed unwanted software or apps, take a thorough look at your installed applications and remove anything suspicious or unknown.
  • Maintain Device Privacy: Ensure your device is locked when not in use, and consider changing the locking method if someone else knows it. This could be your PIN, password, pattern, or biometric method (like a fingerprint or facial recognition).

Tracking Software

If you suspect someone has installed tracking software on your device:

  • Reach out local law enforcement - If you believe you’re in danger or if a crime may have been committed, don’t hesitate to inform the authorities.
  • Get Rid of Unknown or Suspicious Apps - Ensure to uninstall these via the settings menu, not just from the device’s home screen, as some apps may be hidden.
  • Update Your Device - Keeping your OS and apps up-to-date is an essential measure in maintaining your digital security.
  • Replace your device: For complete peace of mind, replacing or factory resetting your device and starting fresh may be a good idea. Just ensure that your password is not compromised so that any one with access to you account cannot compromise the clean device.

Network Compromise

If you suspect a device on your network has been compromised:

  • Contact local law enforcement - if you feel you are in danger or want to report a crime.
  • Scan for known backdoors into your devices - Use PortDroid to scan for backdoors on your devices.
  • Identify all devices on network - List all the ones you know to be safe and investigate any unknown devices.
  • Change WiFi Password - Ensure your WiFi password is strong and not shared with untrusted people / devices.
  • Install network protections - Install an Intrusion Protection System (IPS) or Intrusion Detection System (IDS), this is available as an option on some routers.
  • Use a more secure DNS server - Using a secure DNS server such as will protect against some malware and phishing attacks.

General Advice

Remember, in any case of a suspected security breach, it’s better to err on the side of caution. If something feels off, it’s always a good idea to take these steps to ensure your digital security.

A proactive approach to your digital security can greatly enhance your overall protection. Regularly review your online account activities; most services provide an audit trail showing where and when your account has been accessed, which can help in spotting any suspicious patterns.

Always be vigilant about potential phishing attempts. Cybercriminals often resort to deceptive tactics, like posing as trusted entities to trick you into revealing your sensitive information.

Lastly, empower yourself through knowledge. Familiarize yourself with common cyber threats such as phishing, spoofing, and other hacking techniques. The more you understand these threats, the better equipped you’ll be to identify and counteract them. Remember, maintaining a robust digital security posture is an ongoing process, not a one-time task.

Have More Questions?

If you’re seeking professional advice, consider reaching out to legal advisors or local law enforcement. Many locales have free services available.

Otherwise, the PortDroid Community Forum is a great resource where you can find answers to your queries, learn from other users’ experiences, or discover solutions to common issues.

If your question cannot be addressed in the forum, you’re always welcome to email us directly via the in-app link. We’re here to help and ensure your experience with PortDroid is as smooth and efficient as possible!