This keeps track of the significant changes in PortDroid.


  • Fixed a few crashes
  • Fixed all ports showing as 'unknown' during scan
  • Fixed traceroute dropping everything in the middle of ocean (0,0)
  • Updated open source libraries used to redirect to webpage


  • Added IP calculator
  • Added settings links to device info
  • Lots of optimizations and bug fixes
  • Added refresh button to device info
  • Added call option to whois results
  • Reduced app size to ~2mb from ~5mb


This was a major update that consisted of mainly upkeep and optimization to modernize the code. This should result in much faster future development time :)

  • Local network: shows device count and networks
  • Local network: Pro users can select different networks
  • Added more helpful icons around the place
  • Settings: All settings accessible from all tools
  • ~70% Migration from Java to Kotlin (faster and smaller)
  • Added more details to the upgrade screen so you know what to expect from upgrading


  • Whois lookup
  • UI Tweaks


  • Gave the UI some serious love.
  • Totally overhauled DNS lookup and Reverse IP lookup


  • Whois lookup
  • New Icon
  • Stability fixes
  • Reverse IP lookup
  • DNS Lookup
  • Added feature request / bug report back in


  • Added loads more info to device info and made it prettier
  • IMEI lookup
  • Ping graph [paid]
  • Fixed caching of ips/hostnames/mac addresses
  • Removed bug report / feature request links as I was getting loads of blank / angry emails for clueless users who assumed I had somehow hacked their phones.


  • Better mapview in traceroute
  • Sped up local network scanning


  • Lots of crash fixes


  • Gave wake on lan some love
  • Can now save devices
  • Fixed a few more crashes
  • Increased default timeout for subnet scan


  • Fixed some in app purchasing bugs
  • Made mapview sexier by putting it in a tab and allowing viewing as results are gathered in traceroute


  • Added Multi-IP port scanning [paid]
  • Fixed logs of crashes and bugs